How to Rotate a PDF

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When working with PDF files, sometimes we receive documents with an incorrect page orientation. We can also encounter this problem of incorrect page orientation when making tables, charts, diagrams, drawings etc. When this happens, having the ability to rotate PDF pages can be very useful. A good way to do this is by using AltoRotatePDF. This is a tool that lets you rotate and save PDF documents online. What makes this service unique is that it is open source that helps you to manage your documents easily. You don’t need to register, make a password, or deal with verification emails. You also don’t have to purchase a package of useless services and programs just to rotate a PDF. Follow these instructions to get the results you want in just a few clicks:

1 Start the AltoRotatePDF

First of all, you have to enter the website of the converter that rotates the pages in PDF. You can reach this service directly via the search by typing a word combination “Alto rotate pdf” in the search bar, or through the AltoPDF platform. If you want to enter through the platform, type “Alto pdf” and then choose “Rotate PDF” among the platform’s features. You can use this service via computer or any mobile device. Moreover, it’s absolutely free, so you can rotate and save as many files as you need without making any payments.

 Rotate PDF

2 Prepare and Upload a Document

Once you’ve got to the website, you can start downloading the document you need to rotate. For this purpose, the tool provides several options. You can upload the file from your Google, OneDrive or Dropbox account, if you prefer to store the files in a cloud. Otherwise, use the common way of choosing the document on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. A drag and drop function is also available for working on a desktop computer.

 Rotate Pages in PDF Documents Online

3 Rotate Pages in PDF

When you’ve picked and uploaded the necessary file, you will have a preview of all pages in the document. Now, you can select what page or pages you want to rotate. Just place a mouse cursor over a certain page and orange icons with “left” and “right” arrows will appear. Click on the direction you want, and the page orientation will change. If you want to turn the whole file, there are big buttons with “left” and “right” arrows that rotate all pages at once. Next, click the Apply Changes button to save the progress.

 How to Rotate a PDF

4 Save Rotated PDF

After several seconds, the whole document or its individual pages will be rotated. You will see the message on the screen announcing that the file is ready to be used with the changes you made. Finally, you can save the rotated PDF by clicking the Download Now button, or you can save it to your cloud storage by choosing the icon of the cloud service you want to use. If you need to manage more documents, just click Start over again, and you’ll be sent back to the homepage to upload new files. Also, there are several more options concerning what you can do with your PDF besides rotating pages. Among them are editing, signing, or sending via email or fax.

Rotate Pages in PDF

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